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Pladur plates in Brikum

In construction and renovation, finding materials that combine quality, versatility and affordability can seem like a difficult task. However, among the options available, plasterboard appears to be a flagship solution, adapting to your specific needs, whether to create new spaces, renovate your home or even for more ambitious projects. Plasterboard, thanks to its ease of installation and its ability to transform any environment, has become an indispensable resource for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Imagine being able to divide a room, build a false ceiling or even create custom furniture with a material that not only offers you simple installation, but also an impeccable finish. Plasterboard is that versatile option that adapts to your projects, allowing you to explore endless possibilities when it comes to interior renovation. And best of all, at Brikum we understand your needs and offer you the highest quality plasterboard, ensuring not only a satisfactory purchase but also long-lasting results in your projects.

Whether you are embarking on a home renovation project, looking to improve the acoustics of your spaces or simply want to add a modern and practical touch to your environment, plasterboard panels are your perfect ally. Their ease of handling and adaptability make them ideal for all types of applications, quickly becoming the preferred material for those who value efficiency and style.

At Brikum, we invite you to discover our wide range of plasterboards, each designed to meet your specific needs. We understand that every project is unique, and that's why we give you the advice you need to choose the perfect plasterboard panels for your job. With our platform, you have access to a comprehensive and detailed catalog, where you can choose with confidence, knowing that you are purchasing a top quality product that will help you bring your ideas to life.

Dare to transform your spaces with plasterboard and discover the potential that these materials can bring to your projects. At Brikum, we are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring an unrivaled purchasing experience and the success of your projects. Because when it comes to building or renovating, plasterboard is undoubtedly a wise choice that will give a new dimension to your ideas.

How big are plasterboards?

Pladur panels are available in a variety of sizes to suit different types of projects, from small renovations to large jobs. Generally, the most common dimensions on the market allow these plates to be precisely adjusted to the specific needs of each job. When talking about plasterboard it is important to mention that their size can vary, but one of the most common ones you will find measures approximately 120cm wide by 250cm long, providing a large surface area to effectively cover the walls and ceilings. Additionally, the thickness of plasterboard panels generally varies, offering different options that range from the thinnest, ideal for cladding and decorations, to the thickest, designed to provide greater strength and insulation. This diversity in plasterboard dimensions allows you to select the option best suited to your project, always obtaining professional results that meet your expectations.

What is plasterboard partition?

The plasterboard partition is a lightweight and versatile constructive solution, widely used in the field of renovation and interior construction, thanks to its ability to create space divisions quickly and efficiently. Composed of laminated plasterboards mounted on a metal structure, the plasterboard partition stands out for its ease of installation, allowing clean work without generating debris typical of more traditional constructions. This system offers great design flexibility, adapting to different needs and aesthetic preferences, whether configuring new spaces in homes, offices or commercial premises.

The nature of the plasterboard partition also promotes excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, contributing to the creation of more comfortable and private environments. In addition, its smooth and uniform surface facilitates subsequent finishes and decorations and can be painted, wallpapered or even tiled according to the taste and needs of the project.

Beyond its functionality and aesthetics, the plasterboard partition is appreciated for its contribution to sustainability, because it is a material which promotes energy efficiency and which, due to its composition, contributes to the circular economy, being recyclable at the end of its life. . In summary, the plasterboard partition represents an intelligent and contemporary option for configuring interior spaces, combining efficiency, versatility and respect for the environment.

How much does a plasterboard partition hold?

The strength of a gypsum board wall can vary considerably depending on several factors, such as the type of glulam board used, the supporting structure and the presence of internal reinforcement elements. Generally, a plasterboard partition is designed to support light loads, such as shelves, pictures and small hanging furniture. However, when properly constructed and reinforced, it can support greater weights.

The load capacity of a plasterboard partition is optimized by the use of thicker plates and the inclusion of metal reinforcements in its internal structure, particularly in areas intended to support heavy loads. In addition, the use of anchors and fixings adapted to the type of object and its weight is crucial to maximize the load capacity of the partition.

For standard applications without special reinforcements, a plasterboard partition can support up to 30 kg per anchor point, provided that the appropriate fixing systems are used. In the case of reinforced partitions specifically designed to support higher loads, this capacity can increase considerably, allowing the installation of heavier elements such as large wall units or household appliances.

It is important to emphasize that, to guarantee the safety and functionality of the plasterboard partition, its construction and use must be carefully planned, taking into account the weight of the objects to be supported and always consulting qualified professionals for the installation of plasterboard systems.

Plaster partitions

Plaster partitions, also known for their use in glulam or plasterboard systems, are a modern and effective constructive solution used in the creation of interior walls and divisions. This system has become popular due to its versatility, speed of installation and the quality of finish it offers, becoming a preferred option in both renovation and new construction.

Plaster partitions are mainly made of plasterboard fixed to a metal or wooden structure, creating lightweight but strong walls. These plates can incorporate different materials, such as fiberglass or recycled paper, which give them additional properties such as greater resistance to fire, humidity or better thermal and acoustic insulation.

The flexibility of plaster partitions allows them to adapt to any space design, making it easy to incorporate electrical installations, ventilation systems or insulation without requiring major works. In addition, its smooth and uniform surface makes finishes, such as painting or wallpaper, easier and faster, thus achieving exceptional aesthetic results.

Another important advantage of plaster partitions is their relatively low environmental impact compared to other construction methods. Being a lightweight material, it reduces the structural load on the building and, therefore, the consumption of resources in its foundations and structure. Likewise, gypsum is a natural and recyclable material that ensures good humidity regulation in indoor environments, thus contributing to a healthier habitat.

In summary, plaster partitioning presents itself as an effective constructive solution, combining durability, versatility and durability, suitable for all types of projects requiring rapid execution and high quality results.

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