Dewalt DCS350N-XJ XR 18V ​​Threaded Rod Cutter

Dewalt DCS350N-XJ XR 18V ​​Threaded Rod Cutter

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The Dewalt DCS350N-XJ Threaded Rod Cutter is a powerful 18V battery-powered tool that does not produce dangerous sparks or chips. Visit Brikum! View full details


The Dewalt DCS350N-XJ threaded rod cutter is a powerful 18 V battery tool with XR system ideal for cutting threaded rods of all types (from M6 to M12) and anywhere: on site or on the ground. It cuts using force that minimizes the risk of dangerous metal shavings.


  • Cutting tool for threaded rod from M6 to M12
  • Comfortable use in a variety of orientations for cutting stem on site or on the ground
  • For cutting, the blade does not move, and does not produce sparks or dangerous metal shavings
  • With a hex key to change accessories
  • LED light for better visibility of the cut


  • Battery Chemistry: XR Li-ion
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Speed: 30 cpm
  • Cutting capacity: M6, M8, M10, M12
  • Cutting capacity (mild steel): M6, M8, M10, M10, M12 mm
  • Cutting capacity (stainless steel): M6, M8, M10 mm
  • Sound pressure: 72 dB (A)
  • K 3 uncertainty (sound): 3 dB (A)
  • Sound pressure: 83 dB (A)
  • K 2 uncertainty (sound): 3 dB (A)
  • Hand vibration/sound: 3 dB (A).
  • Hand/arm vibration <2.5 m/s²,
  • Uncertainty K 1 (vibrations): 1.5 m/s²
  • Weight: 4.1 kg.
  • Battery and charger sold separately

Dewalt 3-year European warranty (after registration)

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