Pack of 7 units Rock wool Alpharock-E-225 135x60x6cm Rock wool panel

Pack of 7 units Rock wool Alpharock-E-225 135x60x6cm Rock wool panel

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Semi-rigid, uncoated rock wool panel for thermal and acoustic insulation in vertical plasterboard separation or distribution enclosures. View full details


Semi-rigid panel in uncoated rock wool for thermal and acoustic insulation of vertical separation or distribution envelopes made of laminated plasterboard or double ceramic sheet, horizontal envelopes on false ceilings, on internally sloped roofs, ventilated facades and under slabs in contact with the outside or non-habitable spaces.


. Easy and quick to install. Maximum safety in the event of fire. Excellent improvement in the acoustic and thermal insulation of the solution. Non-hydrophilic and non-hygroscopic Chemically inert. Chemically inertness Chemical inertness. Environmental product declaration CFC-free. Without CFC or HCFC Without CFC or HCFC Safe for the environment M1 Emission certificate for construction materials Emission certificate for construction materials.


  • Nominal density (kg/m3): 70
  • Thermal conductivity W/(m*K): 0.034.
  • Dimensions (cm): 135x60
  • Thickness (cm): 6 .
  • Reaction to fire /Euroclass: A1
  • Thermal resistance (m2K/W): .
    • Thickness 4cm: 1.15
    • Thickness 6cm: 1.75
  • Thickness tolerance (mm): T3
  • Dimensional stability at specified temperature and humidity: DS (70.90).
  • Flow resistance: AF20 .
  • Resistance to the passage of water vapor:
  • Short-term water absorption (kg/m): WS
  • Long-term water absorption by partial immersion (kg/m2): WL(P)


Pack 7 units of 135x60x6cm.

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