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In any project aimed at transforming greenery into gardening masterpieces, the chainsaw emerges as an indispensable tool, almost magical in its ability to reshape, cut and perfect. Imagine for a moment that you are in front of this old tree in your garden, its branches no longer dance in the wind as before, and the time has come to give it new life. This is where the chainsaw becomes not only your tool, but your ally, capable of transforming the old into space for the new.

Now, if you like DIY or construction, the chainsaw transforms again, giving you the precision your projects demand. Whatever your need, whether it's cutting firewood for cooler days or taking on larger projects, the chainsaw adapts to you, to your hands, to your ideas. At Brikum, we understand this unique bond between you and your chainsaw, which is why we offer you a select range of the best chainsaws on the market, designed to make your job easier and more efficient.

With each cut, with each adjustment, the chainsaw reveals itself as an extension of your desires for improvement, change or construction. For this reason, we have ensured that each chainsaw we offer you is of the highest quality, durability and, above all, that it adapts to your needs. From the most robust and powerful models for demanding jobs, to the lightest and most maneuverable chainsaws for more delicate tasks, at Brikum you will find the ideal companion for your next adventure in the garden or in your workshop.

We know that choosing the right chainsaw can be quite a challenge, which is why our team is always ready to advise you, so that you find the chainsaw that seems tailor-made for you and your projects. Enter our chainsaws and saws section now and start transforming your spaces and ideas into reality. Because at Brikum we understand that behind every cut, there is a story of renewal, of creation, and we are here to support you in each chapter of this story with the ideal chainsaw for you.

Electric chainsaws

The electric chainsaw has become an essential tool for those looking for a perfect combination of power, efficiency and respect for the environment. Unlike its gas-powered counterparts, the electric chainsaw offers a cleaner operating experience, with no harmful emissions, and a significantly reduced noise level, allowing you to work in your garden or on your DIY projects without disturbing other neighbors.

One of the great advantages of the electric chainsaw is its ease of use. Forget complex maintenance or preparing fuel mixtures. By simply plugging it in or, in the case of battery versions, making sure it's fully charged, you're ready to begin your work. This simplicity makes the electric chainsaw an ideal choice for both professionals and DIYers who value convenience and efficiency.

Additionally, electric chainsaws are generally lighter than gas-powered ones, which reduces fatigue while working and improves maneuverability, allowing you to cut with precision and comfort. Whether you need to prune branches, cut logs for the fireplace, or take on more creative building projects, the electric chainsaw adapts to your needs, giving you exceptional control over every cut.

At Brikum, we understand the importance of having tools that not only make your work easier, but also contribute to a more sustainable future. This is why we offer you a rigorous selection of electric chainsaws from the most reliable and respected brands on the market. Each electric chainsaw in our catalog has been chosen based on your comfort, your safety and the efficiency you need to carry out your projects with the greatest precision and the lowest possible environmental impact.

Explore our range of electric chainsaws and discover the perfect tool that matches your projects and your commitment to the environment. At Brikum we are here to advise you and help you find the electric chainsaw that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them, allowing you to carry out your work faster, more comfortably and sustainably.

Gasoline chainsaw

The gasoline chainsaw stands out for being a powerful and versatile tool, designed to tackle the most demanding outdoor jobs. With its internal combustion engine, it offers superior runtime and power, making it the preferred choice for professionals and serious DIY and gardening enthusiasts who need a tool capable of cutting thick trunks and sturdy branches with ease and efficiency.

The main advantage of the gas chainsaw is its portability and its ability to deliver consistent, powerful performance without relying on a nearby electrical power source. This makes them ideal for working on large areas or in situations where access to electricity is limited or non-existent. Whether clearing land, cutting firewood for the winter or carrying out large area pruning work, the petrol chainsaw adapts to your needs, giving you the freedom to move around and work independently.

Despite their power and versatility, gas chainsaws require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and durability. This includes regularly cleaning the air filter, checking and adjusting the chain, and maintaining the engine to ensure it is always ready to work hard. Additionally, using quality fuel and following the manufacturer's recommendations will extend the life of your tool.

At Brikum, we understand that every project is unique and having the right tool can make a difference in your results. We therefore offer a wide choice of gasoline chainsaws from the most reliable and recognized brands on the market. Our catalog includes models that vary in power, size and features, ensuring you find the perfect chainsaw for your most ambitious projects.

Additionally, we are committed to your safety and satisfaction. For this reason, all our petrol chainsaws come with detailed information on their safe and effective use, as well as maintenance recommendations. And if you have any questions or need advice on choosing the ideal gasoline chainsaw for your needs, our team of experts is always available to help you make the best decision.

Discover at Brikum the gasoline chainsaw that will allow you to take your projects to the next level, combining power, efficiency and the freedom to work where you need it. With our selection of tools, you are on the verge of transforming these ambitious projects into tangible achievements, always with the confidence of benefiting from the support and quality that only Brikum can offer you.

Battery chainsaw

The battery chainsaw represents the perfect synergy between advanced technology and respect for the environment, designed to provide an unparalleled cutting experience with the convenience of being cordless. This tool has become an increasingly popular option for those looking for a powerful, yet greener and quieter alternative to gas-powered chainsaws.

Equipped with a large capacity rechargeable battery, the battery chainsaw frees you from cables and dependence on a nearby power source, allowing you to carry out cutting, pruning and wood handling jobs n anywhere. This freedom of movement combines with impressive performance, capable of tackling everything from the simplest garden maintenance tasks to the most ambitious DIY projects.

One of the great advantages of opting for a battery chainsaw is its instant start. Forget the manual start-up process and routine maintenance required by gas-powered chainsaws. With just the push of a button, your chainsaw will be ready to go, saving you time and effort. In addition, by not emitting polluting gases, you will be able to work in closed or semi-open spaces without worrying about ventilation, which considerably expands the possibilities of use.

In terms of maintenance, battery-powered chainsaws are significantly less demanding. Basic cleaning and maintenance of the chain and cutterbar are virtually the only tasks necessary to ensure optimal long-term operation. This, added to the absence of emissions and low noise level, makes it the ideal tool for both individuals and professionals looking for a more durable and comfortable option for their daily work.

At Brikum, we understand the importance of having tools that not only make your projects easier, but also align with a more sustainable lifestyle. This is why we offer a rigorous selection of battery-powered chainsaws from the most innovative and reliable brands on the market. Our models are equipped with long-lasting batteries and efficient motors, ensuring an optimal combination of power, durability and respect for the environment.

We invite you to explore our range of battery-powered chainsaws and discover the freedom of working without limits, confident that you are choosing a tool that contributes to a greener future. At Brikum, we are committed to your satisfaction and are ready to help you find the perfect battery chainsaw for your needs, ensuring a purchasing experience that is as efficient and satisfying as using our tools.


Saws are manual cutting tools designed primarily for cutting wood, although there are versions for other materials as well. They consist of a long, thin metal blade with a serrated or serrated edge and a handle that allows the tool to be held and manipulated safely and comfortably. The effectiveness of a saw lies in its simplicity: the back and forth movement that the user makes with their hand makes the saw an extremely versatile tool for making precise and controlled cuts.
There are several types of saws, each suited to specific tasks in the world of carpentry, construction and DIY. Among the most common are:

Handsaw: This is the most basic and general, used for quick and less precise cuts in wood. Its blade can be slightly flexible, allowing cuts in materials of different thicknesses.

Rib saw (or backsaw): It has a blade reinforced by a metal back on one of its edges, which prevents the blade from bending when cutting. This allows for more precise and straight cuts, ideal for finishing and assembly work.

Point (or bow) saw: Designed with a sharp point and narrow blade that allows cuts to be made down the middle of the wood surface without the need for pre-drilling. It is ideal for detailed joinery work, such as creating joints or internal cuts.

Japanese saw (or Kataba/Nokogiri): It is characterized by its ability to cut by pulling and not by pushing, which requires less effort and produces very clean and precise cuts. Japanese saws are appreciated for their efficiency and the quality of the finish they provide.

Each saw has unique features that make it better suited for certain tasks. The choice of a saw depends on the type of cut you want to make, the precision required and the material to be cut. In addition, the ergonomics of the handle and the quality of the blade are important factors to take into account to guarantee efficient and comfortable cuts over long periods of work.

Currently, innovation in materials and technologies has enabled the development of saws with more durable blades and cutting edges that require less maintenance. This, added to the diversity of models available, means that the saw continues to be an essential tool in any carpentry workshop or DIY toolbox.

Pruning saw

The pruning saw is a tool specially designed for cutting branches and trunks, thus optimizing pruning work in gardens, orchards or any green space. Unlike traditional saws, pruning saws have special features that make them ideal for working with live wood, facilitating clean cuts promoting rapid plant healing.

The blade of a pruning saw is typically longer and curved, allowing better access to hard-to-reach branches and providing better control when cutting. This curvature is designed to conform to the natural shape of branches and trunks, allowing for more efficient cuts with less effort. Additionally, the teeth of these saws are generally larger and arranged in a way that effectively expels sawdust, preventing the blade from getting stuck while cutting.

Additionally, there are several types of pruning saws on the market, including handheld models and extendable models. The hand-held models are ideal for quick cuts and minor pruning jobs, while the extendable models offer adjustable-length wands that allow you to reach high branches without the need for ladders, increasing safety and mobility. efficiency when pruning trees.

To keep a pruning saw in optimal condition, it is important to clean it regularly to remove sap and sawdust, sharpen the teeth if necessary, and store the tool in a dry place to avoid corrosion. With proper care, a pruning saw can be a long-lasting investment that contributes significantly to the maintenance and beauty of your green spaces.

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